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Queen Bey and Queen Nicki


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I’ll always remember the last derby against Tottenham. I remember the boss coming up to me and saying - ‘cause we were [playing] Champions League, Tottenham, Champions League, Liverpool, Champions League - so the boss was like, “I need to give you a rest” and I was like, “Yeah, but not against Tottenham.” And he was like, “Yeah, but we play Villareal after, it can be history if we go to the final” and I was like, “Okay, whatever.”

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Brad Pitt e Angelina Jolie by Steven Klein | “Domestic Bliss” for W Magazine. July 2005. Part II

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[20141005 Weibo Trans] He's already like this, what reason do you not have to fight for him?


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TL;DR - some (photo) evidence and explanation of his illness.

*Medical terminology may not be/are not accurate.


I don’t know what reason you have to not do something right for Luhan?

The people who truly like Luhan - they will always look from the…